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Breakfast at Heathrow Airport
License reciving for T30
Village view from channel
Our 'bwia' hut view
'Bwia' hut near our
View from lagoon (1)
'Bwia' hut during a day
View from lagoon (2)
Antenna view
Other view of our 'bwia' hut
View from lagoon (3)
Our 'bwia' hut during low tide
Antenna for 80m
Antenna for 80m, details
Vertical for 80m, other view
Antenna for 80m, another details
Fast repair (1)
Fast repair (2)
A flag, patriotic accent
First QSO!
Jacek 'is cooking'
Jacek was 'cooking all the time'
And again Jacek 'is cooking'! (T30AQ)
Coffee time!!!

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