160m operation notice

I am going to use 1826,5 kHz as main frequency for TB operations. However, some alterations can happen. In case of the other dx-pedition from Pacific will be on TB as well, to avoid interference I will move to 1832 kHz. I will never answer anybody on my own frequency, always I will go with RX 2 kHz up and more. For friends from JA, in case I have no chance for EU, I will go with RX 2 kHz down and more. Please do not Tail ending... I don't like this technique.

As my strongest target is Europe, I will do my best to on my every SR and SS trying to get EU.

I would like to ask all of you to give me a chance to hear Western Europe. When I will call CQ WEST EU, please try understand that possible window for western EU can be as short as single minutes or less, so do not waist my efforts, please wait till I am sure Western Europe can not hear me.

I am putting QSO into my log only when I am sure, I am heard. It is really easy to recognize who hears me, and does not. I do understand people have QRM, and are trying to make QSO again, it's OK with me, do not blame anybody for duplicate QSO.

Please turn to SP5EWY, with all questions , propositions and your comments, as Rys will be our pilot station.

Please keep in mind this short notice of mine, I will be really grateful if all of them will be followed by Dx community. I hope to work you all, let's make another Big Fun together!


Jacek T30RH