After Fiji and Tarawa experience, I am trying to get Temotu Province now.
My targets remain the same. Main target is 160m, in case I have no propagation on 160m will go up to 80m, and as usually will try some RTTY. I don't need to beat any QSO records, I would like to give each of our TOP BAND fellows a chance to work TEMOTU. I am CW lover and this will be a main mode I am going to use. Please don't ask me to go 80m SSB. For me it is just loosing my time and energy.
Some Digi operation is planned, but 17/15 meters only.
Let me repeat also rules I will follow working on Top Band:
I am going to use 1826,5 kHz as main frequency for TB operations. However, some alterations can happen. In case of the other dx-pedition from Pacific will be on TB as well, to avoid interference I will move to 1832 kHz. I will never answer anybody on my own frequency, always I will go with RX 2 kHz up and more. For friends from JA, in case I have no chance for EU, I will go with RX 2 kHz down and more. Please do not Tail ending... I don't like this technique.

As my strongest target is Europe, I will do my best to be on my every SR and SS trying to get EU.

I am putting QSO into my log only when I am sure, I am heard. It is really easy to recognize who hears me, and does not. I do understand people have QRM, and are trying to make QSO again, it's OK with me, do not blame anybody for duplicate QSO.

As in case of 3D2 and T30 operation , Rys SP5EWY will be my pilot.

And again I would like to ask the DX community for co-operation. How do I see this co-operation - everyone can check on the page, the link is shown below:

73, Jacek SP5DRH