My station.

My station is located in the small village, called Oltarze-Golacze, KO12DQ locator. It is 125 km away from Warsaw, where I live and work.
So, every dxing means a trip to the village. It is very nice in the summer time, the village is situated upon the river Bug, but travelling there during winter is a real expedition. There is no water in the cabine, every time I need to fire the furnace, switch on the electric heaters, bring food and drinking water. And it has been ten years now...

My equipment:

  • transceiver K3 Elecraft
  • OM Power amplifier
  • LP100A - Vector RF Watt Meter
  • vertical antenna TITANEX model V160S
  • vertical antenna GP3
  • HIZ four elements phased receiving system
  • interface microHAM MKII
  • interface and preamplifier by Dx-engeenering
  • MFJ 1025 noise canceler
  • LP-PAN SDR/IF stage